Video transcription

Hi, I'm Julie Heiland, owner of J. Heiland Interiors in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, we are going to talk about how to decide how to decorate a console table in your living room. Now a console table often is the entry table, it's the first, one of the first pieces of furniture that you see when you walk in a home. So, it's really a good opportunity to give any visitor to your home an idea of what your personality is like. What your design style is like. So, when you are trying to think about what elements to put on your console table. Think about how you would like to reflect your personality. This particular console table is kind of a traditional style in a warm brown color. So the arrangement that I chose for this table is more classic. It's balanced symmetrically just using dark wood tones and just kind of simple elements. The main focal point of this arrangement is the floral which has some height. And it kind of is a nice bright pop of red color just add some nice contrast to the browns and the other subtler colors that are in this arrangement. I also have some books which are a great way to add another element because the spines of the books often have interesting colors. So, that's a great way to add another color element into your arrangement. The other things I have in this arrangement are photographs. Favorite photograph of your vacation spot and also maybe a favorite memory of and old relative like a grandfather or a family picture with a child in it is a nice way to add a personal touch to a console table especially in an entry of a home. The final element in this arrangement are the candlesticks. And I talked about them as being symmetrical. Symmetrical means they're the same, it's the same on both sides. So, they are both the same height they are both white and they are on each either end of the arrangement. And that kind of frames everything else that we have, all the other elements. When you are looking to arrange a console table in your own home just think about these things. Personal elements like a family photograph, a favorite vacation destination. And then, varying heights and always a focal point. Like this one has the red floral as the focal point and the brightness of color. If you want more information, you can visit my website at