Video transcription

Hi, I'm Adam with We Light Up the Night, and today we are going to talk about how to repair a broken HDMI connector. I have one male and one female connector here that both have something wrong with them. On the female connector you can see there's actually some debris that's become lodged inside there. And this is pretty common for connections that sit low to the floor especially if you have small children that live in your house. And they'll put things inside them. And I'm just going to take a paper clip that I've straightened and I'm going to insert this around the edge of the connector and try to push from the back towards the front to dislodge whatever is inside. Now that's clean and free and can be used to reconnect our HDMI cable. For our bent male connector here we are just going to take a screwdriver to try and straighten the metal back into position. It's very common for these connectors to become bent because when they are inserted into your device if you push or tug in any direction it will bend and cause this male end of the connector to warp. So we'll just take our flathead screwdriver and apply it right against the bottom edge here. And we are just going to press until this metal goes back into position. It probably wont' be perfect but it should be enough for you to be able to use the device again. Take our female connector and we have a fully working HDMI connector set again. I'm Adam with We Light Up the Night, and thanks for watching how to repair a broken HDMI connector.