Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jory from Salt Lake City, and we are going to be talking about how to fix a crooked kitchen cabinet door. As you can see here, this gap that's on the cabinet it doesn't look very good. If you are looking straight on it's got you know a big gap at the bottom, a little gap at the top. Cabinets are crooked. Now every time that we look at those, there is a way that we can fix that. The hinges have an adjustment in them. And there's typically three adjustments to the hinges. They are going to go side to side this way. They are going to do up and down. And they are also going to go in and out. They go in and out just in case your cabinets have a little bit of a bounce in them where it touches on the bottom but doesn't touch on the top. That way you can adjust that and make sure that it's level and that it looks good. This particular cabinet I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to adjust this bottom out because if my bottom of this right door goes this way, adjust out it's going to close that big gap that was on the bottom. So if we close that that's actually needs to go just a little bit more. So a little bit more with that one and then in this top one that was a little bit tight I'm actually going to take it the opposite direction. So suck that one back this way a little bit. A little bit more than that, okay. Okay, now after I get that back on there my cabinets are going to be much more level. And my gap is going to be much better so that my cabinets look better and take away the crookedness that's in there. Again, I'm Jory, from Salt Lake City and we've just talked about how to fix a crooked kitchen cabinet door.