Video transcription

I'm Jory from Salt Lake City, and we are going to be talking about how to remove mold from kitchen cabinets. Okay now, this particular cabinet has a little bit of a buildup on here. Now any sort of a mold is going to happen in your high water areas such as by your sink or by your dishwasher. What I like to use is some sort of a tire cleaner, car cleaner I think is the best something that will polish up like a car, works really well. I would stay away from like a furniture cleaner, that's going to cause a buildup to stay on your cabinets which kind of gives it like an off colored look. Water, even if you're using water, I would be careful of what type of water you're going to put on there. I wouldn't put like really really hot water on your cabinets. So, this particular one I'm just going to go ahead and spray it on there and you can wipe it off with just a regular rag, just the same making sure that when you're scrubbing that it comes with, I'm going to say a light motion with the grain, especially the mildew that's in there or the mold whatever it is that you have building up in there. From a cabinet point in cleaning your cabinets, you want to be careful as to what you put on your cabinets. It's okay to put some sort of like a tire cleaner or a car cleaner, something like that works the best for your cabinets. I would try to stay away from like a furniture polish or anything like that. I wouldn't put a whole lot of that on your cabinets. A furniture polish actually causes a buildup, stays on the cabinet doors. It kind of gives it kind of a grimy look a little bit. It is okay to use light water, I wouldn't use too much but if you have mildew you typically have a water problem to begin with, mildew and mold. So I would use a tire cleaner if it were my cabinets and just kind of scrub it on there, clean it well and make sure that you wipe it off well at the same time. Again, I'm Jory from Salt Lake City and we have just talked about how to remove mold from kitchen cabinets.