Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Laurel Leach, and I'm here with a very hungry kitten to talk to you about how to feed a young kitten or a new born kitten. Basically, you are going to get a bottle and there are bottle and nipple kits that are available at the pet store. And there's kitten milk replacer. There's two kinds, there's canned and then there's a dried powder. If you are feeding the canned exclusively the kitten's often time going to get diarrhea because there's an emulsifier to keep the can into suspension. So, if the kitten's getting diarrhea switch over to the dry or better yet make a mix of the canned product and the dried product. Because sometimes they get a little constipated with the dry product. Now, I like to feed kittens in a natural position more like what they would be eating if they were nursing on the mom. This guy is very hungry and so he's really, he smells it in the air. He wants to and we want to keep the bottle up. He's so hungry. There that he's, he says I'm so hungry. And we want to get it in there. Now he's nursing. Now he's, you can see there's good suction. And normally the kitten wants to thread on the mom because that stimulates milk let down. So if the kitten is threading on your hands that's normal. If he's going to sneeze a lot that might be time to stop for a minute. Clean him off. Make sure that there's no milk coming out of his nose. Make sure that everything sounds okay. You don't hear any gurgles because they can get milk into their lungs if the milk is flowing too fast. The bottle is warmed in warm water. Just to the same temperature that you would for a human baby. Now he's got his rhythm going. They form a natural suction with their mouth, their tongue curls up and then around the nipple. And.. Sometimes their little ears will start wiggling in tandem with the sucking and that's a contented kitten. That's a kitten who's nursing off the bottle very happily. Now the important thing is after they've had their bottle the important thing is to stimulate them to urinate and defecate. Because little kittens who have to be bottle fed they don't have a natural instinct to go to the bathroom. The momma cat cleans their back end. So, you are going to want to take a cotton ball with warm water on it and wipe across their rectum and across their penis or vulva depending on whether it's a boy or a girl. And just stimulate them to urinate and defecate because otherwise they won't. And that's an important thing to do. Kittens need to be fed every two hours. As they get older you can lengthen that interval but it's also good to check with your veterinarian and they should see their veterinarian at six weeks of age, six to eight weeks of age for deworming and any other preventative medicine that may need to happen. Thanks very much.