Video transcription

Hey everybody, it's dynamic John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care. And all the time I get asked about how to remove certain stains from carpeting. One of the ones I get asked is, I had some tape on the carpet, and now there's like an adhesive residue. How do I get that out of my carpet? Well, what you do is you are going to take your home remedy which is going to work best. That's get yourself a spray bottle mix it with hot water and put in some dish detergent. Just a little bit, mix it up until you see some suds. Okay, so you know you are going to have an issue with some adhesive on your carpet because you got to remove this tape. Okay, so let's get that tape off. Okay so you know that there's a residue on there now. What do you do about it? You take your home cleaning solution. That's the hot water in a spray bottle mixed with some dish detergent, spray it on there. Okay. What that does is it's going to break down what's on there. Wipe it up. Again spray it a little bit more. Gently rub that again cause we don't want that sticky residue, you could feel it okay it's coming off. Alright and just to make sure that we get all that residue out completely. I'm going to take our trusty Shop-Vac and go over it. We want to make sure everything is removed. Feel it make sure that adhesive is gone because if you leave it there it's going to attract soil. So I hope this home remedy for getting adhesive off your carpet helped. If you still have an issue contact a local professional in your area. Or you can contact me personally at And remember to keep it clean my friends.