Video transcription

Hey everybody, it's Dynamic John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care. And every day I'm asked, how do I get out stains, how do I get out odors out of my house? But one thing I always get asked is, how can I make my house just smell better, smell fresher throughout the day? Well, I've got a home remedy for you, right here. What you want to do is, take a spray bottle, mix it with some warm water and then, put a little bit of vinegar solution. The vinegar's going to be a neutralizer, just in case there, somebody smokes or you have a pet odor, or something. But here's the key, and it could be hanging right in your backyard. Take a lemon, cut a little slice off, of it, maybe just, you can even put it in. Don't drink it, it's not a Corona. So, put it in there, and that'll help make your house smell fresher. So, I hope this home remedy to get your house smelling better, works. If not, you can contact a local professional, in case it's in the carper or something like that. They should be able to help you, if not, contact me at And remember, keep it clean, my friends.