Video transcription

Hey, everybody. It's "Dynamic" John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care. And, every day I get asked, "How do I get out stains from a carpet?" One of the ones I'm asked all the time is toothpaste. "The kids somehow get toothpaste on the carpet, I can't figure it out. What do I do to get it out?" Well, the first thing you want to do is, of course you've got your trusty spot cleaner, that's your solution of warm water mixed with a couple drops of dish detergent. You got your white cloth, you go over it with your white cloth, wipe the area, the excess, off. Once you get the excess off, take the spot cleaner, spray it, and wipe it up. Next thing you want to do is just run over it with your Shop-Vac. Your Shop-Vac will make sure that all the moisture and the cleaner that you used is taken out of the carpet. So, I hope this home remedy to taking out toothpaste from your carpet helped. If it didn't contact a local professional. Or, contact me, And remember, keep it clean, my friends.