Video transcription

Hey everybody. I'm dynamic John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care, and every day I'm asked about stains and odors all day. One of the ones I'm asked about is how do you remove a mildew and musty smell from your carpet. Well, the first thing you've got to do is make sure that wherever the problem was that you took care of the water leak. So, if it was from your toilet or from your sink make sure that it's been taken care of. Okay, the next thing you want to do is go to that area, find it and see if it's still wet. If it's still wet, you want to take your trusty Shop-Vac, go over it, make sure you get as much solution or as much moisture out of the carpet as possible. Then you're going to take your vinegar solution, what's that going to do, that's going to neutralize that musty and mildew smell. Spray it on there pretty good, now take your little box fan, spray it on that, aim it on that area so that the air is circulating so we can get rid of that smell. So I hope this home remedy helped with that mildew and musty smell in your carpet. If it didn't, mold and mildew is not something to fool around with so contact a local professional or feel free to contact me at and remember keep it clean my friends.