Video transcription

Hi I'm Nick Marro with CJS Electric. Today I'm here to show you how to install a light fixture. As you can see this particular one has been pre-wired. First thing you'll need is a screwdriver, a voltage tester, and a pair of pliers with good insulated handles. Next thing you need to do is find the power source and turn it off. Either by the switch or by the breaker in the panel which is the best way. As you can see there's a black, a white, and a bare wire in the box. Basically we hook up color to color, black to black, white to white, on the fixture. Find the support bracket for the light fixture, attach it to the box with the two screws. And hang the light fixture. Then as you can see we have the wires here. We attach the white to the white, the black to the black, and the bare to the bare. Take the canopy raise it up with the nut that comes with it and screw it onto the stud. And there you have it. Energize the circuit, turn it on. And that is how you install a light fixture. I'm Nick Marra with CJS Electric. When in doubt, give me a shout at Thank you.