Video transcription

Hi, I'm Michael White with Four Season Lawn Care. Today, we're going to be talking about how to prepare soil for sod grass. It's vital that you understand that we must prepare the site to be sodded. This is critical for the establishment of any type of sod. So, let's get to it. When preparing the sod for sod grass, it's important that you dog out all of the soil, turn the soil so that you loosen everything up. This is a form of aerating. After you've done that, making sure that you're cleaning the soil for all debris, roots, stumps, anything that would prohibit this from getting established, you want to take a rake and hard rake it. Then after that if you do need to amend the soil with any type of lime, then we do that. I'm Michael White with Four Season Lawn Care. We put the care back in lawn care and that's how you prepare the soil for sod grass. Thank you.