Video transcription

Hi, my name is Matt Mckinley, and I'm going to show you some proper footwork drills. Proper footwork, the very key to get around your man. You never want to do it before you take a dribble so let me show you some triple threat moves. The first step is right here, you want to have the ball right here, strong under your head, right here. Now this is your left pivot foot. This cannot be picked up at any time, alright? So, now you can move around this way, keeping your head there, knowing where the hoop is at, still there. Now, your second move is right here. As you see, this pivot foot has not left right here and the ball is still under my head right here, keeping it strong so they cannot reach. Now your last move is to move it all the way around, all the way around. Now it's a complete circle in triple threat. From here, you've got a jab step, you can shoot the ball or you can pass the ball and that's why they call it triple threat. You've got three different moves you can do from here. So remember, here, here, here, and then moving it back around. From there, I can drive on you. I can shoot my jumper or I can pass the ball and that's effective footwork. Again, my name is Matt Mckinley, and that was proper footwork drills.