Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tressa Branin. I'm from Total Style Solutions. Today, we're here at Azure Bridal and we're going to talk about how to wear a denim dress. So the most important thing is the dress that you look and feel fabulous in that's made out of denim and then your accessories to go with it as well. The key to wearing a denim dress is accessorizing. A denim dress is kind of a solid type of fabric. It doesn't have a lot of things going on unless it's got buttons or a belt or something that's built into the dress. So, accessorizing is key. So you notice we've added this gorgeous multi length necklace. We've covered up the sleeves with a little sweater if she gets too chilly with the tank top and it's just this gorgeous long cut that really fits her frame and flatters Heather's figure. It's a gorgeous dress for her body shape and her height and her body framing. So, accessorizing is definitely very important. Now a denim dress is generally more casual. It's not something that you would wear for an evening or a formal look. It's definitely more of a casual look. So, you'll notice she's paired it with flats, great sandals, a good gladiator sandal would be a gorgeous thing to pair with it as well, and lots of bracelets to kind of dress it up. You can dress it up a little and help it to look like a more complete outfit, not just I'm running around running errands in a denim dress. It does look nice, it looks put together because she's accessorized so well. So, this is how you wear a denim dress.