Video transcription

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah. Here to show you how to repair a frost proof hose bit. For video purposes we're indoors, we've got this locked in a box here to repair this frost proof faucet. First thing you want to do is remove your handle. Most all of them have the same type of screw, center screw. There are many different varieties of faucets. Remove your handle. Next, you'll have a packing nut. Remove your packing nut. Behind the packing nut is the packing material. Now some of them are going to be made of rubber, some of them are going to be made of a string or Teflon material. You can use a small screwdriver, a pick, maybe even a small knife to remove this. Now, this one's rubber, like I say, some of them will be made of a packing material, string material. Once you remove that, your stem is now ready to come out. Sometimes the easy way to get it out is take the handle, put it back on and you'll twist that stem. Most stems you'll twist five or six times, and then you pull them out. Some of them can be a little tricky. Need a little bit of force to get them out. Now, you're ready to either replace the stem itself or at least the washers, o-rings. Take it down, match it up. When repairing the faucet, you'll need to remove the bib washer. First, remove the screw. And then take your pick or knife and remove the bib washer. Once you have your new washer, you've matched up the proper size, it goes back in. Sometimes they can be a little tricky. Get down in the little hole there, put your screw back in and tighten your screw back up. The other part that you'll need to replace is the packing. Match up your packing and then you're ready to reinstall your repaired faucet. And again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah. We've just shown you how to repair a frost-proof hose faucet.