Video transcription

Hi I'm Diana. Today I'm going to show you a great gift that kids can make for Mother's Day. What you will need for this project is a container to put your goodies in. It can be a cup of some sort. It can be a bowl, some flowers of some sort. I also have a little seed packet of sunflowers for mom and some candies. You can also put in little notes of things you'll do for her like I'll do the dishes one day or I'll help you fold the laundry, something like that. The first thing we are going to do is put in the decorations and then once it's in we'll put the candy in to keep it in place. About halfway through I'm going to put the sunflower seeds in, right about now, put those in there, put this little sweetie in there, maybe up front. And remember if you want, you can add some little notes, special little notes for mom of things you'll do around the house to help her out on her special day and there you have a really sweet very simple gift for Mother's Day. And here we have a simple wonderful Mother's Day gift for kids to make.