Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dana Johnson, and today I'd like to share with you a craft concerning black history month. Rosa Parks was an icon in black history. So, this craft here is a way to raise awareness to our children about equality, and how Rosa Parks was a very courageous black woman who refused to sit on the back of the bus. So simply cut out a what looks like to be the beginning of a bus. Take a strip of paper for the passengers on your bus. And again keeping this with the whole flavor of awareness. Going to show this bus to have many different kinds of children on it, 'cause we all have different colors of skin, different color eyes, different color hair. And we all are different. And thank heavens we are because I think that's what keeps our world so interesting. So, we have a child on the bus with brown hair. Someone with yellow hair, someone with red hair. And all of them again having different skin colors. So, the best part of this is each child that's riding on this bus does have a smile on their face. Let maybe this be one patch to a quilt, possibly for a classroom activity, for just a group of children in black history month with Rosa Parks just being a part of it in recognizing so many heroes that the black community has.