Video transcription

My name is David Z. of David Z. Design and I'm going to show you how to arrange white flowers for sympathy. What we have is a black wooden box. We already have foamed it. Basically there's a floral foam in here. We're going to start using hydrangeas. We already precut the hydrangeas. Put them in the box and we're going to try to create something a bit different. We're going to this time use some kind of flowers but in groupings so what we have is a group of hydrangeas on the side. We're going to be using white calla lilies. We're not going to go ahead and put them individually in there, we're just going to cut it short, tuck it in or stick in it in more like so and then we have another flower here on this side which are the white freesias which I absolutely love and they're fragrant, they're beautiful and they're really really fancy. They're not always around but we get them, we have them always in stock. It's one of my favorite flowers and stick it in like this. So now I feel like adding some more calla lilies which I'm going to grab and come back. I'm back and we're going to go ahead and cut these, place it on this side of the arrangement like so and here's some more freesias, I'll just use these at the end. What I'm going to do I'm going to go ahead and cover the base with some more hydrangeas. So, let's see, right here. So we have this elevation here and it just kind of comes down this side and we have to cover this area which we can go ahead and just work in the hydrangeas a little bit more right there. Now, so this gap here, what we're going to go ahead and do, use some agonis, cut it in pieces, here's another and to give some height to our arrangement which is a sympathy arrangement, we're going to be using some freesias that we have purchased. They're available right now and it's one of my favorite flowers of all time. They're absolutely gorgeous and they come in different heights. You can purchase these for smaller bouquets as well as pay a little bit more and get the longer stems and we're going to be adding a couple more of these to fill in the gap and we'll be done with our white sympathy arrangement. This is one way of creating an all white sympathy arrangement.