Video transcription

My name is David Z. of David Z. Design and I'm going to show you how to create an arrangement with white daisies. What we have here are very traditional white daisies. They were purchased in the market. We're just going to clean it. We have a really interesting container, looks like a test tube and I found it in the mart and I thought it's really interesting to create something cool and fun. So we're just going to go ahead and place the daisies right in the tubes. You can go ahead and purchase the tubes on line and stick them in a styrofoam and hot glue it and then just add the water and you will create the same exact look or get the same exact look. So we're just adding the daisies as we go, having fun here and let's grab this one and take off some of the daisies. It's going to be too crowded. I'm going to show you something else also. So this is what we have created. We're just going to add one more longer stem to our arrangement like so and what I'm going to do is just add shorter daisies on the bottom of the vase to fill in that space right there like so. It looks kind of cool and you have this two level simple yet fun arrangement. This could be for any party outdoors for any baby shower or I don't know, any gathering outdoors I would say. What I like to do we have a plate that we have placed underneath the tubes and I'm going to cut the daisy heads really short so like so. And here we go. You can go ahead and use a glue gun if you'd like but I like to just place it just randomly like this and it's really really interesting how you can basically create a cool arrangement with inexpensive flowers that you can find in many markets throughout the U.S. even worldwide, you can use arrangement in about two, three minutes and this is what you will be seeing at the end. And this is how you can go ahead and create an arrangement for outdoors with white daisies. Thank you for watching.