Video transcription

My name is David Z, of David Z Design, and I'm going to talk about how to arrange fresh flowers in the tall vase. So what we have is our tall vase filled with water, some Agonis leaves, you can line up your vase with tea leaf to cover the stems if you wish. I like it like this, it's just very natural and it's organic looking and like so. We have picked some Lilies, these are bright, green slash yellow, have a yellow tone to it. And we're just start placing them in the back, you got to be really careful not to break your blooms like we did here and let's, let's leave it on actually. And see if we can go ahead and play with it, right like this and think I need to cut this a bit shorter like so and cut off the actual bloom right there. Okay, this is one that we had broken, and we're going to have another one in the back to fill up the space. This is a one-sided arrangement, this could go on any entrance table at the hotel or even somebody's home. Then we're just going to start adding some mini green hydrangeas to fill in the space right in the front. I like these, these are really bright and happy I would say. They come in acid green I would say and it's absolutely cool looking hydrangea. You can't find them all the times but if you have a great vendor they'll, they'll bring it for you and let me take a look at it. Okay, it's getting there and for some more color, we're just going to go ahead and add some lavender slash purple stock flowers. I got to turn this, you always have to play with your arrangement, you have to kinda, we're working with natural product, you just try to do their thing and you have to make them, make sure that they do what you want in a sense if they start turning and venting and so on and so forth. So I'll just add some more stock into the front of the arrangement for color, of course you can add roses, tulips and anything you like and this is how you can create a tall vase arrangement with fresh flowers. Thank you.