Video transcription

I'm Jory from Utah, and we're going to be talking about how to remove greasy film from kitchen cabinets. Okay, this cabinet is actually, this is a distressed door. That's why you see these holes and a couple of distressing spots in there that add kind of an antique look. Now cabinets end up with a little bit of a film on the door or the drawer whatever it might be, they end up, a lot of people will use a furniture cleaner which is about the worst thing you can put on your cabinets. That actually builds up and it leaves a film on your cabinets that makes it worse. That actually has a buildup that makes it harder to ever repair or fix after that. So, what I use is actually just a car cleaner, just a simple spray car cleaner or even just plain water, plain water works just the same. We're just going to spray lightly and we're going to just wipe it off. You also need to make sure if it is a car cleaner that you shake it a little bit so that you can, you can create the shine and clean your cabinets and it should clean it no problem and it shouldn't be like a real high gloss, see my face type of shine but it should definitely give it the dual finish look that most cabinets do have. And it should, also make sure that if you do have distressed that you get it out of the cracks and the holes. Leaving any sort of wet products sitting on your cabinet doors is going to cause you a problem if it sits there too long. So, I normally spray it on and wipe it off. I'm Jory from Utah, and we've just talked about how to remove greasy film from kitchen cabinets.