Video transcription

Hello everyone. I'm dynamic John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care, and a question I get asked a lot is how do I get rid of a small in my carpet. Well, what I've found is that professional cleaning will deal with any odors that you have in your carpet pretty much take care of that issue but one thing sometimes what happens is that the odor can go into your ductwork. What I mean by that is you're gone for a few days and maybe you left something in your trash can or who knows what else, you left an old sandwich out so that odor has gone into your ductwork and here's what you want to do. Take a bottle of warm water, mix it up with some vinegar, you want to go to your air conditioning intake. You go there and make sure your air conditioning is on of course and you want to take your bottle of warm water and vinegar that's mixed together and mist it into the AC intake. What that will do is it will suck up that mixture, the vinegar and water into the AC ductwork and kind of flush out that odor if it's in there. So, I hope this helped with you dealing with the smells in your carpet. If it didn't, contact a local professional and get that carpet professionally cleaned or they can help you with the issue or you can reach me personally at I'm dynamic John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care, and keep it clean my friends.