Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bryan Francis from Billy Beck III Personal Training and Performance Center and today I'm going to show you how to exercise on a mini trampoline. With me here to demonstrate is my good friend Stephanie Prietto. Now what we want to demonstrate is a four movement circuit that's going to challenge both cardio and strength. So what we're going to do is alternate between a cardio movement and a strength movement. Cardio's, the whole idea with that is to elevate the heart rate. The strength movement, what we want to do is tone the muscles and stimulate a little bit of lean body mass. So the first thing Stephanie's going to do is she's going to come on top of the trampoline, and if you've never stepped foot on a trampoline before, just kind of hop around a little bit, just get used to it. A trampoline is an unstable surface so it does take a little bit of balance and coordination to be on top, but it's non-weight bearing, so it's great for people who have joint issues, back pain, anything like that where they can't really do compressive movements. The first of the four movements I'm going to have Stephanie do is she's going to do a high knee running pattern, so go ahead and go. And you want to have a clock in front of you, the whole goal here is to do this for 30 seconds. So we have a good strong arm swing, the knees are comin' high in front. As soon as 30 seconds is up, we're going to transition over to the second movement. So that was our cardio movement. Our first strength movement is going to be a split squat. So the back foot's going to be on the trampoline, front foot's going to be a front, maintaining that upright position, Stephanie's going to drop down and extend up. Her whole focus is just droppin' the back knee straight down, drivin' up off that front foot. What you'll do is perform 15 with each leg, and then as soon as you do 15 with each leg, we're going to be back on top of the trampoline. So now we're going to our second cardio movement on top of the mini trampoline. So what she's going to do is turn to the side and she's going to do a butt kicker. So the first movement, her knees were comin' high in front of her, the second movement she's stayin' more in an upright position, and the whole goal is to kick the heels to the butt. Again, 30 seconds. As soon as 30 seconds is up, the fourth and final movement, back to a strength movement, we're going to do a push up. But this time, using the mini trampoline, what she's going to do is have the feet on the mini trampoline, hands on the ground and do a push up from that position. Here, our goal is 10 to 12 reps, and then back on the trampoline. I'm Bryan Francis, and this has been how to exercise on a mini trampoline.