Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bryan Francis from Billy Beck III Personal Training and Performance Center, and today I'm going to show you how to exercise and tone your waist and hips. With me to demonstrate is my good friend, Stephanie Prietto. Now what you must realize is that if you carry the majority of your fat in your waist and hips, we can do all the movements for those specific areas, it's not going to spot reduce the body fat in that area. So the first thing we have to look at is proper nutrition. Secondly, we have to look at are you doin' exercise on a regular basis. So we can have the best program ever, but if your eating's not proper, nothings going to change. So what I'm going to do is show you four movements that you're going to perform in a circuit fashion, meaning one movement right after the other. As soon as you finish these four movements, you'll rest 60 seconds and repeat this same four movement circuit, three times. The first movement you're going to do is very simple, is a body weight squat. So Stephanie's going to demonstrate. What you're going to do is 20 reps, you'll do this 20 times. All the way down, all the way up, full extension at the hips. Don't come up only half way, work through a full range of motion. The second movement you're going to do is a reverse lunge, alternating your legs. So you're going to take a step back into a lunge, come up and alternate to the other leg, always maintaining a real upright position. Your shoulder should always be lined up right over your hips. Again, you'll do 20 of these, 20 total, not 20 each leg. The third movement is a plyometric, meaning we're going to jump, it's an explosive type movement. We call these split squat plyometrics, so Stephanie's going to demonstrate. You drop down into a lunge, explode up, switch your legs in the air and then drop down right into that next lunge, go ahead and relax, and now, the fourth and final movement is again, a plyometric. We're going to do a squat jump, so go ahead and do your squat jump, and again, 20 of these. Go ahead and relax. So the movements are body weight squats, reverse lunges, splits squat plyometrics and squat jumps. I'm Bryan Francis, and this has been how to tone your waist and hips.