Video transcription

Hi, guys. I'm Joey Mattina. Today, I'm going to show you a good mini soccer drill that you can use for improving your touch on the ball. Okay, guys, so, this is a mini drill for improving our first touch. Basically, you're going to have a partner across from you, and what we're going to do is, we're going to pass it back and forth, but as we're passing, we're going to work on receiving the ball differently. Basically, what that means is, as I receive the ball, look, I can come across my body with the inside of my foot, and I'm going to play the ball back with my opposite foot again. I get the ball, boom, I'm across my body with the inside of my foot, and I'm playing with my opposite foot. So, as a coach, you want to tell your players, "Okay, receive the ball with the inside of your foot, cut it across your body, and you're going to play back to your teammate with your opposite foot." Okay, boom, inside, alright? Tell your players to stay on their toes on alert throughout this whole exercise. So, first I'm going to go over the first touch, going across your body with the inside of your foot. Basically, if I'm receiving the ball, I'm going to take a touch with the inside of my foot here. It's going to come across my body. So, the ball's coming, I touch across my body. My opposite foot that I did not trap the ball with, it's going to play to my teammate, okay? So, I'm on my toes, I receive the ball, boom, I touch across my body, get away from the defender, and I'm playing back with my opposite foot. Alright, with the other foot, same thing. I'm across my body, and I'm playing back. You can also have them touch the ball in different ways. So, say I receive the ball, I can also touch to the outside of the foot, and play back with the same foot I just touched it with, alright? So, I receive a ball, boom, I'm using the outside of my foot, I'm going away. Same foot passes the ball back. Again, with the other side, ball goes away, and back. This is all working on different first touch techniques, okay? So, have your players do inside, and then outside. I'm Joey Mattina, and that was mini soccer coaching drills.