Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ron Duncan with House to Home, and today I'm going to show you how to fix a light in a microwave oven. In order to fix a light in a microwave oven, you need a Phillips Screwdriver and a replacement bulb. First, we need to unplug the microwave. Next we have to remove the screws to take this grill off. On this particular model there are two screws and that will gain us access to the one inside. You can see that I have removed the grill and now the light bulb is going to be right here and I simply lift this up, unscrew the light bulb that's inside and this is what's called a candelabra base. It's a 30 watt. I'm going to get a replacement and put it back in. So I have my replacement bulb and I simply put it into the socket just like a regular light bulb and screw it in and then I replace the cover. This has been Ron Duncan from House to Home and that's how you fix a light in a microwave oven.