Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ron Duncan with House to Home. And today, I'm going to show you how to repair a wall light switch. In order to repair the wall light switch, we need a straight blade screwdriver, wire strippers, a Phillips screwdriver, and a circuit tester. The first thing we want to do, is to remove the wall cover, and expose the switch. The next thing we're going to do, is to remove the switch to expose the wires, and we can test the wires. I'm just going to pull the switch out, just a little bit. So, I can get my tester in there. And I'll just give a a little tug on that, not touching any other cables, yet. And I'm going to test the wires, and we can see that it's hot. And now, I'm going to shut off the circuit breaker. So, the circuit breaker's in the garage, and I know that it's circuit number 28. And I'm simply going to turn it off. Okay, so, I have shut off the power at the breaker, and now, I'm going to test it again to make sure that these two wires are not hot, and they're not. And the reason why these rocker switches go bad, is because of this constant motion of the switch. So now, we can see, we have the two black wires on here. I am simply going to unscrew the terminals, and remove the wires, take these out, all the way. And sometimes, it's on there so good that it's just a matter of twisting it. There's one wire, there's two. Now, you know, there's those two other wires on here, also. And those are just, they just tighten the other feeds to this wire, to this light switch. So now, I'm going to undo these, by a matter of twisting. You notice that this switch has an area to plug in, push the wires in there, or it has a terminal. so, this other one, I'm going to take off by simply unscrewing and twisting, and it comes off. And now, it's time to replace it with a new switch. And I purchased a new light switch, and again, it has the terminals. So, these wires are going to go back in the same spot. I'm going to push this in. And the purpose of the strippers, is if I needed cut this wire, or re-strip it. And that's the only purpose of these strippers. I'm just going to give a little snip here. I'm going to push this wire back in here. And it's a matter of loosening these up. And now, the new wires are going to go back in the same spot. And another purpose of strippers, is to squeeze these two cables together, to make a nice fit. And I can also use it to maybe, bend this wire back a little. Better to put on the terminal, and I'm going to give it a little squeeze around the terminal, and that's a good fit. I'm going to screw the terminals back. And simply push the cables back and replace the switch. This has been Ron Duncan from House to Home, and that is how you repair a wall light switch.