Video transcription

Hi, I'm Carol from We're going to look at putting together a masquerade theme centerpiece today. So what we've done is we've started with three glass cylinders. Different sizes, different shapes. This one we covered with a fuzzy white fabric. These other two we covered just with the trim that you can buy at the fabric store. And we kept it to our masquerade colors. With the predominant color of purple. And then hung some Mardi-Gras beads from one cylinder to the other. We've also put purple rocks in the bottom. You can use rocks, you can use beads, you can use all kinds of things, to hold your candles into the cylinder. Then we took some feathered masks and angled them out both ways. Took a small mask that you buy at the party store and put it down on the bottom. Along with a wired ball that we painted and glittered purple. And then we've added some floral touches. These are silk flowers. You can add real flowers. But that gives you a touch of floral. And the last part to this is to take a purple glass votive holder. Or you can paint a clear one with purple if you prefer. And to put a little bit of ribbon trim around the top. You can do this all with a hot glue gun and just add that to your table centerpiece. I'm Carol from, and this is how to make a Mardi-Gras theme centerpiece.