Video transcription

Hi guys. I'm Joey Mattina. Today, I'm just going to show you a good drill for youth 14 age group. This drill is good for all groups but especially developing players, it's good to improve their ball control. I'm going to show you heading, chesting, chesting meaning settle with my chest and play back to my player. Now, we're going to go over both of those right now. Alright, so have your players line up in pairs of two. One player is going to start with the ball in his hands and we're going to work on our heading. This player is going to throw the ball up to the other player and then I, as the player who is receiving the ball, am going to jump meet the ball and head it back as hard as I can to my teammate. Now again I want to aim for the same spot every time. You really want to tell your players to focus on getting up, elevating and putting power to the header. Alright, so my teammate is going to throw the ball up to me. I'm going to rise and I'm going to head the ball back. Alright, he's going to go again. I rise, I head the ball back. Again, perfect, now you're going to do that and then you're going to switch. Alright so we just did the headers. Now I'm going to show you a chest drill. I'm going to have the ball thrown to my chest. I'm going to settle it, let the ball drop then I'm going to play it back one touch before the ball hits the ground to my teammate's chest. Alright so he's going to give me a nice little toss to my chest. I'm going to settle and I'm going to play back. I get on my toes, he throws again, I settle and I play back. Alright, he tosses, I settle, I play back. Notice how I played back with both feet. When I settle the ball I don't just want to play the ball back with one foot or the other, I want to alternate. That way I get work with both of my feet. I'm Joey Mattina and that was soccer drills for youth 14 age group.