Video transcription

Hi guys, I'm Joey Mattina. Today, I'm going to show you a fun easy soccer drill that improves passing for kids. Alright guys, so I don't have a full team here but if you have a full team of kids you should use this drill. Basically, you're going to have your kids get in a big circle. Alright, have them hold hands and then stretch out so they're each a few yards apart. Once you get in that circle, you're going to put one ball, one kid starts with a ball. What he's going to do is he's going to make eye contact with the person he wants to pass the ball to because that's very important. Then he's going to call their name, make the pass and follow the pass. Once he follows his pass, the guy who receives it is going to pass the ball and he's going to leave that spot and go, go to where his spot's gone. So essentially you're always moving, you're always following your pass, as soon as you receive the ball you're making a pass right away. So if we had a circle here, I'd be standing across from my teammate, I'd make eye contact, I'd call his name, make sure he knows the ball is coming, I know where I'm going, I make the pass, I'm going to follow my pass and immediately he's going another direction, he's going to pass to another teammate around the circle. Now, pretend I'm like, like I'm getting the ball, I've made eye contact, he's passing, he's coming, I receive the ball, he takes my position and I'm going to go to a different spot in the circle. This is a good way for improving all the vocal skills you need for soccer, all that communication that's so vital. I'm Joey Mattina and that was basic soccer passing drills for kids.