Video transcription

Well, hey now, and again it's your girl, P.W., giving you the knowhow on the fashion how-to and I'm going to tell you today how do you ear a bomber jacket versus a biker jacket? Do you guys even know what bomber jackets even are? Bomber jackets are the jackets that have the ribbing, the 2 X 2 ribbing or the 4 X 4 ribbing at the bottom. So, let me show you, it's very quick, it's very simple, it's very to do but the thing about it is these are not your jackets that you are going to wear with your dresses. You know how a lot of people like to wear their leather jacket with dresses and shirts? Bomber jackets are not to be worn with that. Bomber jackets are really like your fighter jackets. They're really like your jackets that kind of keep you warm, they have a little more fabrication than your biker ones, your motorcycle jackets. Also the thing to remember about bomber jackets, it's kind of like a boy kind of shape. So you want to play off of that. You want to wear it with your denim. You want to wear it with your gray cargoes, you want to wear it you know, over top of a sweatsuit. It's kind of like that over edge jacket, it's a jacket to keep you warm, they come in your poly, they're your down coats. They're also your canvas ones that have you know, the big canvas with all the pockets. So that kind of gives you a more clear understanding of what a bomber jacket is. Okay now we've got Mindy and Mindy has her bomber jacket on and you see how it's very casual. Now you see as opposed to your motorcycle jacket, this is a much heavier leather and as you can see at the bottom, it has that 2 X 2 ribbing at the bottom and this is the ribbing. It's that elastic band. It's the differentiation between the leather and the fabric. It has a thicker zipper as you can see. I actually got this one, this one is a Children of the Curb, this is a really great leather jacket and this one is Member's Only, it's really old and it just has more, it also has the epaulet band that comes all the way around the epaulets here. It has the banding. It has all this great stitching detail and it also has those really old snaps that are really great for structure, you know putting the coat together, keeping it together. That's what your hardware is on these jackets. Now what I did to really pump this jacket up, is I put the chains on the back. You see that? This was just a chain and I put it across the back because of the epaulets you have the opportunity to really kind of play at it. Now if you really want that grunge look when you're going out. If you want a more sleek look, then you can wear it without all this jazz but you already know that your bomber jackets already come with quite a bit of jazz and hardware on them themselves. So if you want a sleep look you won't wear your bomber jacket. You just wear it with your everyday jeans. You wear it with your sweats or whatever have you and as you can see it's a little thicker, a little more rugged. This is for the girl next door days. This is not for your sexy girl days. Well I hope I've taught you how to wear a bomber jacket versus a biker jacket. It's your girl, P.W., signing off for how to.