Video transcription

Hi, this is Dana Wilson and I am with All-in-One Maids and we're located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today we're at Tyler Murray's Plumbing, and we are going to demonstrate how to remove hard water spots from glass shower doors. The supplies you'll need to remove hard water spots from shower doors are a mixture of half vinegar, half water, lemon juice, a paste made of one part vinegar and three parts baking soda, a scrub sponge, and a squeegee. First off, what you want to do is you want to pour an acidic solution directly on to your scrub sponge, and to do this, you can use lemon juice. Just pour it directly on and then just take it and scrub in a circular motion. Now the reason why we use something acidic is because water spots are actually lime scale and the acid in the lemon juice breaks it down and makes it really easy to remove. They're kind of a pin for most people, but I think once you understand what hard water spots are, you can remove them easy. Second thing you do is the paste that you made out of vinegar and baking soda, just dip your sponge directly into that and once again, it's acid breaking it down. Making it easy to remove. Just do circle motions all the way through it. And you know, for harder to remove ones, you can keep scrubbing. You can even let this sit for an hour, two hours, if you have a really big problem removing them. It's all natural products, and it really works great and it doesn't ruin any finish. After you've let it sit and you can tell it's kind of broke down, you want to spray. You can either use commercial glass cleaner here or a vinegar, half vinegar half water mix works great too. And what you can do here is use your squeegee to remove the hard water spots. An important thing to do after you do this, you can also use a paper towel. Squeegees tend to work better, always make sure you dry the glass off. That way when it dries, spots won't return. There you can see all of them on the inside, we kind of have some on the outside too, but on the inside, they're all gone. Once again, I'm Dana Wilson with All-in-One Maids, and we just demonstrated how to remove hard water spots from shower doors.