Video transcription

Hi, my name's Ray, I'm with Westchester Plumbing. And today, I'm going to show you how to replace your washer machine hoses. First, you start by turning off your hot and cold water lines at the laundry valves. Make sure they're completely off. Then, you're going to unscrew the washer machine hoses. Once they're off, set it aside. Go to the next one. Unscrew the rest by hand. Then, you're going to move to the back side of the washer machine. Okay, so, first we start by unscrewing the top one. Now, you got to remember you have a hot and a cold. Make sure you hook them up the same way. If not, your cycle, when you do your cycles, it's going to be off. So, you're going to get a little water that comes out. Unscrew the second one. Now that you've unscrewed your old washer machine hoses, you want to screw the new ones on. Doesn't matter if the label's facing down or up. So, you would start at the bottom, so it's out of the way as you're screwing it in. Make sure you don't cross thread it. Thread it as tight as you can by hand, put your pliers at the end of it, and give it another two turns. Screw the top one, thread it as tight as you can by hand, and give that two turns. And, they're tight. Now, you're ready to connect them to the hose bibs at the top - the laundry bibs. You're going to go ahead and connect your cold side from the washer machine to the cold side on your spigot. Going to connect the hot. Go ahead and tighten them as tight as you can by hand. And, from there you're going to go a couple turns, until they're snug. And, you're going to go ahead and turn your water back on, make sure there's no leaks. This is Ray with Westchester Plumbing, and that's how you replace your washer machine hoses.