Video transcription

My name is Nanaz Hatami, and I would like to show you how to show sequins on a trim. Sequins are very, very small. I can show you here. There are different designs of sequins. There are circles. There are ovals. There are many, many designs that you can use to decorate your trim. What you have to do, you choose the sequins of the design that you like, you place it into the fabric. There are tiny small beads that you put the sequins, you put your needle through the sequins, and as you put your thread through the sequins, you pick a small bead, and this small bead will secure the sequins on your trim. You put the sequins on top of the, beads on top of the sequins and you sew it, you go to the next side of the sequins, pull your needle through, pick up another small bead, and that will secure the sequins down to the fabric. You go back into the same hole, and then you can secure the back of your bead. This is how you turn in from some sequins to a nice trim. My name is Nanaz Hatami, and if you wish to know more, you can always contact me with