Video transcription

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, here in the showroom to show you how to fix a loose kitchen faucet. Tools that you'll need for tightening a kitchen faucet: Pair of pliers, or a basin wrench. This is a really handy tool. When you're reaching up from underneath the sink to tighten a locknut, it makes it a lot easier if you've got a basin wrench to tighten that. So, you'll work at one at a time, and you'll just want to tighten those locknuts in place. Now, the faucet you're seeing right here is a two-handle kitchen faucet. Usually has two locknuts. We just tightened one, and move over to the other one. And, for shooting purposes here, we've got this sink turned upside down. Typically, you'll be working from underneath a cabinet, and that's why this extendable basin wrench makes it a lot handier. Now, when you're working on a single-handle faucet, typically you'll have one nut to tighten, and it's usually located right in the center. You'll have the supply lines coming in an out, and a locknut there. Again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, here in the showroom. We've just shown you how to repair a loose kitchen faucet.