Video transcription

This is Nene Ortega, hello. I'm with Nene Ortega Baila and today we're going to show you the basic steps for the Rumba. I am with my partner today, Phil Palmer and we are at the Star Ballroom in Pompano Beach, Florida. I'm going to show you a basic step for the Rumba. The Rumba is Latin's rhythm so it's very much of the hip and a lot of connection with your partner and the beautiful music. I'm going to start with the basic step it's called a box. So, the lady sits. She's going to step back and sit, side and together. Now we're going to complete the box. We're going to go forward, sit, side and together. I'm going to show now the leader's part for the Rumba and slow, quick, quick, back, side, together, forward, side, together and back, side, together. Now let's see how this looks as a partner. We're going to step, step, side, together, step, side, together, again, step, side, together, step, side, together. So, this is very important. The lady sits down on each corner so it creates the hip movement. For you, Nene Ortega, basic Rumba steps.