Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rick Feldman with Gardens by Rick, and I'm going to show you how to prepare your soil for blueberry bushes. O.k., you're ready to plant your blueberries. So, make sure that you have a West coast, warm climate type, if you're here on the West coast. And then, of course, being that blueberries enjoy more acidic soil than other plants. You might, you need to make sure that the soil is ready to accommodate their needs. By doing so, any natural, organic Gromulch contains lots of beneficial acid for the soil. So, you want to get your regular soil that you're starting with, of course. And you add the Gromulch to it, till you have the correct pH, which is around 6 for blueberries. So, you grab your, grab your Gromulch, throw it into the area that you need to, that you need to prepare for the blueberries to be planted in. And then, you mix it in. Again, you want fifty-fifty percent, half and half, blueberries you might need to go sixty five-thirty five on the mix. Because they do enjoy a more acidic soil than other, some other plants. So, you add your Gromulch, mix it into the soil, get it nice and airy, keep it loose. Mix the Gromulch in really well, break all rocks and other things in the soil. And dirt clods and all the little, get all kinds of sticks and things out of the soil. And take a pH reading, you have your pH meter. Make sure it's around, it's around six and a half, six. And you're ready to go, you are ready to grow blueberries. Again, this is Rick Feldman with Gardens by Rick, and that is how you get your soil ready for blueberries.