Video transcription

Hi, I'm Barbara we are here at the Village on Main in Utah. And I'm going to be your swimming expert for today. Today, we are going to talk about how to properly breathe and kick when doing the freestyle stroke. To do this, you will need a swimming pool, a bathing suit, a swimming cap, and some goggles. To practice breathing first practice by having one arm stroke be when you blow bubbles in the water. And the other arm stroke is when you take a breath. So you breathe every other stroke. You want to keep your arms out in front of you like this to begin. And this arm I'm going to blow bubbles and this arm I'll take a breath. This arm you blow bubbles and this arm you take a breath. The most important thing to think about is to start your breath on time. If you start too late then your arm stroke will be done by the time you start breathing. So when your arms are out in front your arm starts pulling and you start breathing right away. Get your head down by the time your arm is up here. Again if you start your arm and then breathe you won't have enough time to take your breath. So, make sure you start your breath as soon as you start your arm pull. Your kicking never stops. If you stop kicking your hips are going to start to sink. So make sure you keep kicking while you're breathing. This can really take a lot of practice so don't get discouraged. Just remember to start breathing on time and think of it like opening a window. Your arm comes back and you are opening a window, you take a breath and then you close the window and put your head back down. So that's how you can practice your breathing exercises for a freestyle stroke.