Video transcription

Hi, my name is Barbara. We are here at the Village on Main in Utah. And I'm going to be your swimming expert for today. Today, we are going to talk about some freestyle kicks you can do to practice outside of the water. All, you will need is a soft surface to lay on. To do this exercise, you will lay down on the ground. Put your hands flat underneath your back. Lift your feet just two inches off the ground. Keep your toes very straight and pointed and kick like you would inside the water. Try to keep your kicks kind of small and the lower you can stay to the ground the better the exercise is. As you progress you can try to do this exercise with your arms above your head in a streamline position. But don't do this if you have any problems with your lower back. Doing this can really put some strain on your back so make sure you are ready before you try it. And that's how you can practice your freestyle kick outside of the water.