Video transcription

Hi, I'm Janna at Granite Bakery, and we've talked a little bit about fondant. I want to give you a tip about how to make your fondant cake as smooth as possible. If you want a very sharp edge, make sure that when you ice your cake with the butter cream. That you leave a very sharp edge. And then, put your cake in the fridge for a good portion of time so that butter cream icing sets firmly. Then, when you apply your fondant, the edge will stay sharp. If you want your edge to be very rounded and more smooth, actually, trim the edges of your cake with a pair of scissors. Just as good, sharp pair of kitchen scissors, trim those edges down. And then, when you round ice your cake with butter cream, when you add the fondant, the edges will be more round. Obviously, when you ice a cake with butter cream alone, the edges will be sharp by nature. Fondant is going to soften that somewhat. But if you ice with butter cream and keep those edges sharp by leaving it in the fridge, when you add the fondant, those edges will stay more square. Just do your very best when you ice the cake with butter cream, to keep those edges sharp. And again, if you want it to be round, just take a pair of kitchen scissors, round off those edges. Smooth the butter cream up, over the top and then, cover it with your fondant icing in the end.