Video transcription

I'm Clyde Mosley. This is my shop. This machine is the table saw. We've removed the guards so we can expose the blade and you can see how the machine works but it's used with guards to cover the blade to keep your fingers out of it. You can see the blade is very fast and very sharp. When it's used for joining pieces of wood, you run the pieces of wood through it like this and you cut a perfectly straight edge on it at 90 degrees to the flat surface and you can join these pieces together and they've been perfectly machined so that they're straight and they match. Then we mark on both pieces, a single pencil line and drill a hole to receive a dowel. The holes in the other piece will be matching so that it registers exactly and the piece can be glued together with these dowels and keep it in perfect register. The football can also be used. This is done with the plate jointer. You cut a groove in the edge of the wood with the plate joiner which is a spinning wheel saw blade like this but very small and it makes a groove for the football to go into so it's halfway in this piece and halfway in the other piece. We mark the location on both pieces with a pencil line across both pieces and that gives you matching locations for the football so that the pieces will go together and match exactly the way you intended.