Video transcription

Hi, I'm Billy Beck III from Billy Beck III Training Center, and today we're going to teach you abdominal wheel exercises. And to demonstrate, super trainer, Brian Francis. Today, if you don't know what abdominal wheel is, that's an abdominal wheel. And this thing has been around for a long long long time and some people swear by it. Now, what I'll tell you, if you're watching this video, you're probably trying to get a six pack or de-flatten your stomach, this is one piece of the puzzle. You also got to eat right, drink enough water and train all the muscles in your body. But, if you're doing all of that and you're ready for the abdominal portion with the wheel, let's get to it. The first thing you got to do is go to a kneeling position. If you're up on your tiptoes, you should be a professional athlete 'cause I don't know how too many people can do it. So, you're going to perform a kneeling position. You're going to grab securely to the wheel and you're going to roll out, keeping your abdominals tight the entire time. Now, Brian can go out really far. Some people may need to modify their range of motion to where they can be challenged, but not to a point where they over arch their back. If at any point you feel it in your lower back, stop the movement or modify your range of motion. So, let's just take a look at that. "Come all the way out Brian and let's show the back over arching". Yeah. If you feel a pain in the back, that's where you stop. Now, we're going to get more muscles involve on the sides or the obliques by changing angles. So, we're going to do it at ten o' clock, then we're going to go to two o' clock, then we're going to go back to eleven o' clock and then one o' clock and then, we'll take it right back down main street to twelve o' clock. And you repeat that pattern. Now, the goal here is, with each different angle, you're going to emphasize the different muscles through the mid-section. Now, make sure at any point if you feel that your, you feel your back is over arching or you feel pain, stop the movement. The only pain you should feel is in the abdominals. I'm Billy Beck III, and this has been how to use the abdominal wheel to work your abs.