Video transcription

Hello everyone, this is Tona Cascais with Pro Pilates in Fort Lauderdale. Today, we're going to show you how to do Pilates chair exercises. There are three of them so we're going to start with the electric chair and Jonathan is here to help us with the first exercise. So Jonathan, let's place your hands on the handlebars. Let's take your right foot and push on the pedal. So now, put both feet, now heels are together, nice and tall and let's lift up. Remember, in Pilates, posture is very important. So he's using his abdominals and now he's going to bend the elbows only, bend and again come up and again bend and come up and again bend and now he's going to come up, lift your chest up and his feet will come off the pedal and he's going to do small beats and go beat, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Place your feet on the pedal and let's slowly go down and now we're going to go to the wonder chair and with the wonder chair, Erica, so we're going to show you some fun exercises here. So Erica, ready? Let's take your right foot, place it on the pedal. We're going to press down, extend up with both feet. Now, we're going to take your left leg all the way up, so pull the tummy and let's come up. So, she's really controlling on the way up and she's going to control on the way down and let's come up, deepening the tummy and control on the way down and one more time and come up. Now, let's slowly lift the foot off the pedal, lift it up into an extension lift and now all the way around into Grand Rond-de Jambe. We're going to bend the knee into a passe, and now plie with the left leg, and extend the leg back and look for the pedal. Place your foot on the pedal and go all the way down, and step with your feet on the pedal and step off. Now, we're ready to go to the next chair which is the baby chair and we're at the baby chair with Janie and we're going to show you some exercises here. So Janie, let's place your hands underneath your shoulders, pull the tummy and let's extend your right arm. So, the first one is called boxing and switch, pull the tummy as deep as you can. We're again focusing on posture in connection with the tummy and switch and switch keeping the shoulders down, pull the tummy a little bit deeper and switch and now we're going to go into the hug. So, we're going to bring the arms out, scoop your tummy and go hug, deepen and resist the spring, and again hug, pull the tummy and resist and one more and go hug and release. And this is Tonka Cascais from Pro Pilates in Fort Lauderdale, and we just showed you how to use the Pilates chairs.