Video transcription

Hi, I'm Carmen Lee-Sargeant, owner of The Grand Beauty Spa. I'm going to show you how to curl hair with a hot air brush. So, if you happen to have one of these, the first thing you want to do is section a hair, start at the bottom, because these, you have to be very careful. These can get stuck on your hair, and this would not be fun to remove. So, I recommend taking smaller sections of hair. And, I'm going to spray a little bit of a thermal protector. This will help give it hold. So, take your section, and turn on your hot curling brush. And, very carefully, slide the hair down the brush, and get it hooked on there. And then, very carefully, curl it up towards your head. You're going to let it sit there for a few seconds until the hair gets hot. And, when you've applied enough heat, then very carefully remove the hair in your curl, twisting the hair. We'll do one more. Grab another section of hair. Hairspray works also, so if you don't have a thermal protector at home, you're more than welcome to use a little bit of hairspray. And, that's just going to give you some hold, shine. Make sure there are no tangles on the strand of hair that you're going to curl. Try to hook those ends, and then very carefully roll it up towards the base of the scalp. After about 10 or 15 seconds, we're going to start removing very carefully. And, twist the hair as you remove it, to create your curl. So, there you have it, curls with a hot air brush. Thank you so much for watching, I'm Carmen.