Video transcription

Hi, I'm Carmen Lee-Sargeant, owner of The Grand Beauty Spa. I'm going to demonstrate how to make hair wavy with curlers today. The first thing I've done is I've sectioned out my hair using diagonal sections, which creates a little more softness. For this, you'll need your curlers, and a little bit of spray. Hairspray works really nice because it's dry, it's not too wet. So, we're going to spray each section with a little bit of hairspray. We're also going to apply the rollers in a horizontal pattern. And, what this does is, it creates an "S" pattern, "S" waves, like this, throughout your hair. It's a very romantic, beautiful look. We'll let them cool for about five to 10 minutes. I would give it a little shot of hairspray. We're going to now remove them. Have nice waves. Beautiful waves. And, I would give it one more shot of hairspray. And, just use your hands to kind of piece out the waves. So, there you go. This is how you make your hair wavy with curlers. Thanks for watching, I'm Carmen.