Video transcription

Hi, I'm Carmen Lee-Sargeant, owner of The Grand Beauty Spa. I'm going to teach you how to use a big barreled curling iron today. The first thing that you want to do is section the hair in a few quadrants, and I always prefer to use diagonal sections. So, take your first section. You can either spray a thermal protective spray, or hairspray. I prefer a thermal protectant spray. It gives a little bit of hold. So, grab your iron, and hold it in a downward position. We're going to go vertical sections. And, just roll the hair in towards the face. And, you're going to leave it on for about 10 seconds. And then, we're going to let it out. We're going to take another diagonal section, and do the same. By going in a forward direction, it gives you just a really beautiful, natural curl. I have so many clients that come in with damaged ends from not protecting their hair when they use their hot tools. So, it's really, really important that you protect your hair. So, apply your big barrel again. And, just slowly roll it, roll the hair that's left on the ends, and keep going in a circular motion, until you have all that hair on the ends. Let it, leave it on for about 10 seconds. And then, remove your big barreled curling iron. So, there you have it, how to curl your hair with a big barreled curling iron. I'm Carmen Lee-Sargeant, thank you.