Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, a Licensed MassageTherapist and Owner of And in this video, I'm going to be showing you massage for sciatica. Sciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve and it can, can happen for a number of reasons. The sciatic nerve will run from the lumbar spine, along here through the piriformis muscle which is a pizza slice shaped muscle that goes into the hip from the sacrum. So, about right here. The mount, the nerval run through the muscle, come down the leg and eventually branch off. Some people just experience pain in the lower back if it's coming from the lumbar spine from either herniated disk or bulging disk. Some people will experience that as well as impingement in the piriformis muscle. It'll be tender in the gluts and sometimes they experience numbness, tingling and pain down the leg and into the front of the leg. Depending on where the areas I feel are involved, I might start at the lower back or I might just go into the gluts here which I'm going to show you. The hip joint is here, I might warm up the area with some effleurage and petrissage and I might actually be at this angle. It's a little bit easier to hook into the hip. I'll find the hip joint, pull back a little bit and press into where the muscles attach. So, where the piriformis is attaching into the hip joint. And I'll do some cross fiber friction which is back and forth; the tendons going that way, I'm going this way. My shoulders are back and down and I am leaning into this movement. And then, I'll move back and forth to friction. You might find some good adhesions in there and you can also strip down the muscle and you can come along to the side of the table and do some cross fiber friction to the piriformis muscle. I'll also examine the sacrum and work around the ridges of the sacrum, just putting some finger pressure and some maybe circular friction or cross fiber friction around the attachments, the glut attachments of the sacral bone. You can also go on top of the bone and do some circular friction there, pretty much just loosening all the attachments that will allow the piriformis muscle to relax and let go of the impinging nerve. After frictioning and maybe some stripping, petrissage, I can knead the area like this with some petrissage, get some more blood flowing and circulation. I can also do some stretches. We can stretch the leg, move the knee out and alleviate some pressure in the piriformis or I'll have them turnover and do some cross knee or cross leg stretches to stretch the piriformis. And also, show these stretches to the person to bring home and do them at home on a regular basis. It could be chronic or it can just be an acute situation. So again, frictioning, cross fiber friction, circular friction, effleurage and petrissage and stretching. That is massage for sciatica. My name is Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Thanks and be well.