Video transcription

Hi, I'm Roe with Ninja Green in Los Angeles, and I'm going to show you how to use a string trimmer. So, a couple of things that are really important for safety; first off, very often you get stuff flying out, can bounce back and hit you in the eye. So, you definitely want to have sunglasses or eye protection of some kind while you're using them. This one, like our other equipment, this string trimmer is actually an electric version. It's not battery operated. This one happens to be corded. When using corded equipment, you want to be absolutely sure you know where your cord is at all times because you don't want to cut it. The other thing you want to do is give it one wrap around; either usually there's a hook or a loop you want to wrap the cord around, around something the handle or something just once so that it doesn't keep coming unplug as you're walking and using it. So, what's really great about this is that you can use them for getting the grass and weeds that are in either hard to reach places or areas that are too bumpy or too uneven to use the lawn mower so you can cut the grass with it. And you can also flip it over and use it as an edger and cut the edge of the grass, and cleaning up, clean up your areas very nicely. And it tend to be very easy to use. So, before you start, you want to make sure that it's clean and free of debris; that you don't have stuff cloud up inside and that the plastic cable that sticks up runs all the way up. If you need to, you can press the, on the bottom, pull it out a little further and it should reach right up to the edge. Okay. So, we're ready to go. I'm Roe, and this is how you use a string trimmer.