Video transcription

Hi, I'm Roe Sie and I'm with Ninja Green, and I'm here to show you how to prune an apricot tree. The basic idea in pruning an apricot tree is you want to create an open space in the middle to allow lots of light to come through. This tree has already been mostly pruned but we do have a few places where we can get a little more work done. One of the things to look for is look for any dead branches that you might see, or branches that are crossing, or branches that are growing straight up or back in towards the middle. And when you go in to cut a branch off, you want to cut right at the base of where the branch comes off, a nice clean cut, and there you have a dead branch and that's going to allow it to continue to grow, the part that you leave behind. If you see any other little bits that need to be, that are dead and need to be cleaned off, branches that have broken, those also need to be taken off. Here we have another branch that's growing straight up, and it's also, it's a little bit too tight here, so I'm going to take another cut right here at the base so that it's a nice clean branch. Don't worry too much about cutting too much. If you're not sure and you think a branch maybe should come out or you're not quite sure, if in doubt, prune it out. You can always take it out. The less you have of all the interior branches and the more you cut out, generally speaking, the better fruit you're going to get. So, I'm Roe, and that's how you prune an apricot tree.