Video transcription

Hi, this is Angelique Sandas at Miami Life Center and today we're going to be doing yoga poses for a pinched Sciatic nerve. Anna is going to demonstrate for me. From hands and knees she's going to lift into a simple Downward Facing Dog position. From this position it's easiest to bring that right knee forward towards the right wrist bringing the left ankle in line behind the left wrist. As she settles onto the shin she's going to ease her back leg back and gently allow the weight of the pelvis to sink towards the floor. Now the more open you are through the hip joint you may be able to bring that shin forward to a parallel position with the mat. If however, your body is tight and resistant through the hip joint you can bring the ankle back toward the opposite hip to ease that angle. From here as she's able to let weight settle down, she's going to walk her hands forward and gently release her body forward over the leg. This is a passive stretch, a passive Asana, so what that means is that as you release the weight of the body and actually let go of effort you deepen into the pose. This pose opens those muscles in the area around the back of the hip, the pelvis into the sacrum and lumbar spine helping to open any area that may be pinching that Sciatic nerve as it moves from the spine through the hip down the leg. Always ease in, be mindful and be aware of how deep is deep enough for you in the pose. As you stay here releasing and softening into the posture, those muscles open up creating space for the Sciatic nerve to move through. As she walks her hands back up she's going to tuck her back foot under and lift into Down Dog so that she's ready to do the same thing on the other side. Again this is Angelique Sandas at Miami Life Center and we've just demonstrated yoga poses for a pinched Sciatic nerve.