Video transcription

Hi, this is Angelique Sandas at Miami Life Center and in this clip, we're going to demonstrate Yoga pose for pelvic floor strengthening. The pelvic floor is a sheet of muscles that crosses from the pubic bone to the sit bones to the tail bone and it works similar to the diaphragm in your upper abdomen. The sheet of muscles when contracting, draws up into the pelvis actually in a seated position pulling away from the floor. As you engage these muscles in a breathing exercise or in the asana that we'll demonstrate, you strengthen this pelvic floor. The breathing exercise Ana's going to demonstrate, bringing yourself into a comfortable cross-legged position. You want to be sure that you don't allow your body to slump back into the ribcage rocking to the back of the pelvis. Instead, bring the pubic bone forward and down, the sacrum up, lengthening the spine upwards, opening the hear. In this breathing exercise you're going to establish a steady breath inhaling and exhaling consistently and deeply. On the exhale, you're going to bring your attention to these muscles of the pelvic floor; at the bottom of the exhale, engaging those muscles, lifting them throughout the inhale. On the exhale, softening, allowing the muscles to release. Again, engaging and holding the muscles as you inhale and then, with the exhale, gently releasing; repeating this cycle with the breath five to ten times. Another asana that we're going to do, Ana is going to bring herself over to the wall to use the wall as support for a squat. The feet separate slightly wider than hip distance with the toes slightly turned out. She's going to let her hips move into the wall as she lowers them down between the feet. Bringing the arms inside the knee, she's going to open her heart as she stays in this position she's going to again find the engagement of the pelvic floor that we were working with and the breathing exercise; staying here for about five to ten breaths. Again, this is Angelique Sandas with Miami Life Center and we've demonstrated Yoga to strengthen the pelvic floor.